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Evidence?Based Pediatric Oncology


Marca: Wiley-Blackwell Modelo: 9780470659649 Disponibilidade: Imediata Referência: 9780470659649

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Evidence–Based Pediatric Oncology
Ross Pinkerton

ISBN: 9780470659649
Páginas: 294
Publicação: 2013
Edição: 3 º
Encadernação: Capa Dura


The new and updated edition of the renowned reference for pediatric oncologists

 This groundbreaking text on the management of childhood cancers covers most tumor types occurring in children and young adults and provides reviews of randomized trials with commentaries on the optimum treatments for childhood cancer.
 Updated with evidence from the latest published reviews—and even more clinically focused than previous editions— Evidence-Based Pediatric Oncology, Third Edition places an emphasis on application of the trial findings. With increased coverage of the area of supportive care for pediatric cancer patients, each chapter opens with an expert commentary on the key clinical issues followed by a summary of trial findings.
 Evidence-Based Pediatric Oncology, Third Edition:

• Presents evidence for the best treatment of children and adolescents with cancer

• Includes commentaries from the world’s leading experts for every topic discussed

• Is internationally relevant thanks to contributions from the UK, US, Canada and Australia

• Places greater emphasis on supportive care and features a new extended section on antibiotic and antifungal treatments

 Based on information gathered from randomized trials performed after the release of the Second Edition, readers will find Evidence-Based Pediatric Oncology to be an important resource for all those treating young people with cancer.

List of contributors, vii
Preface, ix
List of abbreviations, x
About the companion website, xv
Part 1: Solid tumors
1 Rhabdomyosarcoma, 3
Katherine K. Matthay
(Commentary by Meriel Jenney)
2 Osteosarcoma, 14
Katherine K. Matthay
(Commentary by Maria Michelagnoli)
3 Ewing sarcoma, 25
Katherine K. Matthay
(Commentary by Steven G. DuBois)
4 Wilms tumor, 34
Ananth Shankar
(Commentary by Kathy Pritchard-Jones)
5 Neuroblastoma, 47
Katherine K. Matthay
(Commentary by Katherine K. Matthay)
6 Hepatoblastoma, 58
Ross Pinkerton
(Commentary by Penelope Brock)
7 Malignant germ cell tumors, 65
Ross Pinkerton
(Commentary by Ross Pinkerton)
8 Medulloblastoma, 69
Ross Pinkerton
(Commentary by Eric Bouffet)
9 Glioma, 81
Ross Pinkerton
(Commentary by Joann L. Ater)
10 Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, 88
Ross Pinkerton
(Commentary by Ross Pinkerton)
11 Hodgkin lymphoma, 105
Ross Pinkerton
(Commentary by Cindy L. Schwartz)
Part 2: Leukemia
Section 1: Acute myeloid leukemia 12 Acute myeloid leukemia commentary, 119
Robert J. Arceci
13 Remission induction in acute myeloid leukemia, 126
Ananth Shankar
14 Acute myeloid leukemia consolidation, 135
Ananth Shankar
15 Maintenance treatment in acute myeloid leukemia, 137
Ananth Shankar
16 Autologous bone marrow transplantation in acute myeloid leukemia, 141
Ananth Shankar
17 Acute myeloid leukemia: miscellaneous, 144
Ananth Shankar
Section 2: Childhood lymphoblastic leukemia
18 Childhood lymphoblastic leukemia commentary, 146
Vaskar Saha
19 Remission induction in childhood lymphoblastic leukemia, 154
Ananth Shankar
20 Central nervous system-directed therapy in childhood lymphoblastic leukemia, 168
Ananth Shankar
21 Maintenance treatment in childhood lymphoblastic leukemia, 180
Ananth Shankar
22 Relapsed childhood lymphoblastic leukemia, 198
Ananth Shankar
23 Postinduction therapy in adolescents and young adults with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, 204
Ananth Shankar
Part 3: Supportive care in pediatric oncology
24 Colony-stimulating factors, 209
Ananth Shankar
(Commentary by Victoria Grandage)
25 Cardioprotection in pediatric oncology, 230
Ananth Shankar
(Commentary by Gill A. Levitt)
26 Infections in pediatric and adolescent oncology, 243
Ananth Shankar and Sara Stoneham
(Commentary by Julia E. Clark)
Index, 269

Livro Evidence?Based Pediatric Oncology

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