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Livro Nonfusion Techniques For The Spine


Marca: Thieme Medical Publishers/Maple Press Modelo: 9781626236417 Disponibilidade: Imediata Referência: 9781626236417

Título do livro: Livro Nonfusion Techniques for the Spine  
ISBN: 9781626236417  
Idioma: Inglês  
Autor: James Maxwell, Steven Griffith, e outros.  
Editora: Thieme Medical Pub.  
Páginas:: 379  
Ano de publicação: 2006  

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Livro Nonfusion Techniques for the Spine: Motion Preservation and Balance
James Maxwell, Steven Griffith, e outros.

ISBN-13: 9781626236417
Edição: 1ª
Ano: 2006
Idioma: Inglês
Autor: James Maxwell, Steven Griffith, e outros.
Páginas: 379
Encadernação: Capa Dura
Editora: Thieme Medical Publishers/Maple Press
Dimensões do produto: 21,6 x 27,9 cm
Peso de envio: 1,5 Kg


Nonfusion Techniques for the Spine: Motion Preservation and Balance presents information on spine surgery implants and highlights the state of the art in total artificial discs. It addresses the features and benefits of the debate between motion-sparing devices versus motion-eliminating devices and emphasizes the fundamental, basic biomechanical principles applied to spinal implant development. In addition, this book offers valuable pearls of wisdom from developers and clinical users.
Motion Preservation
Individual chapters dedicated to specific spinal implants that are being used in clinical practice and investigative studies, as well as those on the horizon, are included. Informative chapters on lumbar discs are written by the developers of the products and/or the lead clinical investigators. These individuals are experts on the nuances and technical aspects of the devices featured. Through the books balanced approached to the pros, cons, and limitations of each technology, readers will find this an essential resource for determining which device is best suited for each individual patient.
A Unique Collaboration
A rare meeting of the minds provides the great allure of this book and gives it an individuality all its own. One of the books strongest attributes is its collaborative nature. The editors, researchers, and engineers from industry and academia are teamed with contributing spine surgeons and medical professionals. Nonfusion Techniques for the Spine: Motion Preservation and Balance effectively captures this unique collaboration and results in a book with clinical and scientific viewpoints.
Biomechanics and Clinical Applications
Weaving together biomechanics and clinical applications, the books two major divisions, is an important feature of the overall book but also of each individual chapter. The clinical needs and patient emphasis will guide a scientific engineer through the development process needed for new implants, whereas the scientific, mathematical, and engineering principles provide essential knowledge to clinicians. The combination of these two thought processes is very powerful and provides a comprehensive look at the latest information on spine surgery implants.
Step-by-Step Technique
For the spine surgeon interested in providing patients with the latest treatments and procedures in motion preservation technology, this book is a must. It is beautifully illustrated in four-color throughout and packed with step-by-step surgical instructions that guide the reader through each surgical technique. An accompanying DVD features the key techniques discussed in the book.
This book is uniquely positioned to appeal to the general practicing surgeon, the academic professor, and the industry researcher/executive, and is a must read for all involved in the field of spine surgery.

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Livro Nonfusion Techniques For The Spine

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  • Título do livro: Livro Nonfusion Techniques for the Spine
  • ISBN: 9781626236417
  • Idioma: Inglês
  • Autor: James Maxwell, Steven Griffith, e outros.
  • Editora: Thieme Medical Pub.
  • Páginas:: 379
  • Ano de publicação: 2006