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Livro Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: A Practical Guide

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Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: A Practical Guide
Geoffrey C. Farrell

ISBN: 9780470673171
Páginas: 324
Publicação: 2013
Edição: 1 º
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The sharp rise in cases of Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is fast becoming one of the major concerns for hepatologists worldwide. This comprehensive clinical guide explains how to diagnose NAFLD and manage patients according to the best standards of care. Contributors from the world's leading institutions concentrate on patient care, drawing on their extensive experience.

List of Contributors, vii
1 What is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), and why is it important? 1
Geoffrey C. Farrell, Arthur J. McCullough, and Christopher P. Day
2 NAFLD in the community, 17
Leon A. Adams
3 Pathology of NAFLD, 27
Elizabeth M. Brunt and David E. Kleiner
4 The natural history of NAFLD, 37
Paul Angulo
5 Emerging concepts on the pathogenesis of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), 46
Isabelle A. Leclercq
6 Diabetes and NAFLD: why is the connection important? 62
Elisabetta Bugianesi
7 NAFLD and cardiovascular risk factors: implications for vascular disease, 71
Giovanni Targher
8 A primary care perspective of fatty liver: diagnosis, management, prescribing, and when to refer, 84
Shivakumar Chitturi and Geoffrey C. Farrell
9 Imaging of NAFLD, 93
Takeshi Yokoo, An Tang, and Claude B. Sirlin
10 Non-invasive methods to determine the severity of NAFLD and NASH, 112
Vincent Wai-Sun Wong and Henry Lik-Yuen Chan
11 Fatigue, quality of life, and psychosocial issues for people with NAFLD, 122
Julia L. Newton and James Frith
12 Physical activity and cardiovascular fi tness in patients with NAFLD: clinical importance and therapeutic implications, 132
Ingrid J. Hickman, Graeme A. Macdonald, and Nuala M. Byrne
13 NAFLD, obesity, and bariatric surgery, 149
Philippe Mathurin
14 Genetic predisposition to NAFLD and NASH: implications for pathogenesis, diagnosis, prevention, and management, 157
Quentin M. Anstee, Ann K. Daly, and Christopher P. Day
15 NAFLD in children, 171
Ariel E. Feldstein
16 The pointy end of the NAFLD iceberg: cirrhosis, portal hypertension, and liver failure, 182
Jonathon W. Schwake, Dawn M. Torres, and Stephen A. Harrison
17 Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, hepatocellular cancer, and other cancers, 192
Janine Graham and Helen L. Reeves
18 NAFLD in Chinese and South Asian people, 206
Jia-Horng Kao, Deepak Amarapurkar, and Jian-Gao Fan
19 Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in Japan, 217
Takeshi Okanoue, Kohichiroh Yasui, and Yoshito Itoh
20 Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in South America and Hispanic people, 228
Helma Pinchemel Cotrim and Carla Daltro
21 Alcohol in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: an oxymoron or a new standard of care?, 234
Achuthan Sourianarayanane, Srinivasan Dasarathy, and Arthur J. McCullough
22 Dietary factors in the pathogenesis and care of patients with fatty liver disease, 248
Giulio Marchesini, Rebecca Marzocchi, Anna S. Sasdelli, Cristiana Andruccioli, and Silvia Di Domizio
23 Metabolic factors and steatosis in patients with hepatitis B and C, 260
Francesco Negro
24 Drug therapy for NASH: insulin-sensitizing agents (metformin and thiazolidinediones), 271
Mohammad S. Siddiqui and Arun J. Sanyal
25 Hepatoprotectants against fatty liver disease: antioxidants, ursodeoxycholic acid, and herbal medicines, 284
Anne Catherine Bürgi and Jean-François Dufour
26 Lipid modifiers and NASH: statins, ezetimibe, fibrates, and other agents, 293
Giovanni Musso, Federica Molinaro, Elena Paschetta, Roberto Gambino, and Maurizio Cassader
Index, 308
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Livro Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: A Practical Guide

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