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Livro Visual Diagnosis And Treatment In Pediatrics

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Visual Diagnosis and Treatment in Pediatrics
Autor: Esther K. Chung MD

ISBN: 1451191189
ISBN13: 9781451191189
Páginas: 512
Publicação: 2014
Edição: 3 º
Encadernação: Capa Dura

Quickly identify pediatric disorders and begin appropriate treatment! Visual Diagnosis and Treatment in Pediatrics, 3rd Edition , is conveniently organized by presenting symptom, providing you a highly practical way to approach your patients. Differential diagnosis tables are presented with colorful clinical photographs for easy comparison. User-friendly and concise, this lavishly illustrated, easy-to-digest resource is designed to improve your everyday approach to visual diagnosis, making identification more efficient and accurate.
New chapter on child physical abuse brings you up to date with what you need to know in this challenging area.
New images and diagnoses keep you well-informed on the clinical scenarios you’re likely to see in practice.
Hundreds of colorful, high-quality clinical photographs simplifies identification for similarly-presenting conditions.
Quick-reference tables present differential diagnoses in an easy-to-read format that makes reference fast and easy.
Special section on visual diagnosis in the newborn and essential breastfeeding images.
Now with the print edition, enjoy the bundled interactive eBook edition , offering tablet, smartphone, or online access to:
Complete content with enhanced navigation
Powerful search tools and smart navigation cross-links that pull results from content in the book, your notes, and even the web
Cross-linked pages, references, and more for easy navigation
Highlighting tool for easier reference of key content throughout the text
Ability to take and share notes with friends and colleagues
Quick reference tabbing to save your favorite content for future use

Table of contents
Section One: Visual Diagnoses In The Newborn
1 Breastfeeding
Lourdes Forster And Lee M. Sanders
2 Scalp Swellings In Newborns 
Kathryn T. Stroup, Hans B. Kersten
3Newborn Facial Lesions 
Roy Benaroch
4 Abnormal Head Shape
Laura E. Smals-Murphy
5 Newborn Lower Extremity Abnormalities
Holly M. Romero
6 Imperforate Anus
Rebecca Taxier, Lauren Wilson

7 Newborn Skin Abnormalities
Denise A. Salerno

Section Two: General Appearance
8 General Appearance
Evan J. Weiner

Section Three: Head
9 Hair Loss
Daniel R. Taylor
10 White Specks In The Hair
Benjamin W. Sanders, Hans B. Kersten
11 Lumps On The Face
Kelly R. Leite

Section Four: Eyes
12 Red Eye
Parul P. Soni And Steven M. Selbst
13 Swelling Of/Around The Eye
Naline Lai
14 Discoloration Of/Around The Eye
Kimberly Neutze And Jonathan H. Salvin
15 Pupil, Iris, And Lens Abnormalities
Renee M.Turchi And Esther K. Chung
16 Misalignment Of The Eyes
Leonard B. Nelson

Section Five: Ears
17 Abnormalities In Ear Shape And Position
Charles A. Pohl
18 Ear Swelling
Kathleen Cronan
19 Ear Pits And Tags
Leora Mogilner And Risa L. Yavorsky
20 Ear Canal Findings
Lee R. Atkinson-Mcevoy And Esther K. Chung
21 Tympanic Membrane Abnormalities
Charles A. Pohl

Section Six: Nose
22 Nasal Bridge Swelling
E. Douglas Thompson, Jr.
23 Nasal Swelling, Discharge, And Crusting
Shareen F. Kelly

Section Seven: Mouth
24 Mouth Sores And Patches
Elizabeth C. Maxwell And Nancy D. Spector
25 Focal Gum Lesions
Blair J. Dickinson And Nancy D. Spector
26 Discoloration Of The Teeth
Roy Benaroch
27 Oral Clefts And Other Variants
Darshita P. Bhatia And Nancy D. Spector
28 Tongue Discoloration And Surface Changes
Christopher O’hara
29 Swellings Within The Mouth
Nancy D. Spector And Darshita P. Bhatia 
30 Throat Redness
Colette Desrochers

Section: Eight: Neck
31 Neck Masses And Swelling
Kristina Toncray

Section Nine: Chest
32 Abnormal Chest Shape
Amy Renwick
33 Breast Swelling And Enlargement
D’Juanna White-Satcher
34 Chest Lumps
Barbara W. Bayldon And Tomitra Latimer

Section Ten: Abdomen
35 Abdominal Midline Bulge
Alison Nair And Lee Atkinson-Mcevoy
36 Enlarged/Distended Abdomen
Brent D. Rogers, Colette C. Mull

Section Eleven: Back
37 Curvature Of The Back
Shareen F. Kelly
38 Midline Back Pits, Skin Tags, Hair Tufts, And Other Lesions
Darshita P. Bhatia And Nancy D. Spector

Section Twelve: Extremities
39 Nail Abnormalities
Kenya Maria Parks
40 Arm Displacement
Latanya Love

41 Arm Swelling
Latanya Love
42 Hand Swelling
Lauren Wilson And Rebecca Taxier
43 Finger Abnormalities
David Y. Khechoyan And Larry H. Hollier, Jr
44 Fingertip Swelling
David Y. Khechoyan, Julieana Nichols, And Larry H. Hollier, Jr
45 Leg Asymmetry
Abena B. Knight
46 Leg Bowing And Knock Knees
Abena B. Knight
47 Intoeing
Kenya Maria Parks
48 Knee Swelling
Anand Gourishankar And Lisa E. De Ybarrondo
49 Foot Deformities
Laura. A. Monston And Larry H. Hollier, Jr
50 Foot Swelling
Lisa E. De Ybarrondo And Mark Jason Sanders

51 Foot Rashes And Lumps
Mark Jason Sanders And Lisa E. De Ybarrondo

Section Thirteen: Genital And Perineal Region
52 Female Genitalia—Variations
Colette C. Mull
53 Penile Abnormalities
T. Ernesto Figueroa And Michael Amirian

54 Penile Swelling
T. Ernesto Figueroa And Michael Amirian

55 Perineal Red Rashes
Kathleen Cronan
56 Perineal Sores And Lesions
Allan R. De Jong
57 Vulvar Swelling And Masses
Allan R. De Jong
58 Scrotal Swelling
William R. Graessle

Section Fourteen: Perianal Area And Buttocks
59 Perianal And Buttock Swelling
David J Breland
60 Perianal And Buttock Redness
Yolanda N. Evans

Section Fifteen: Skin
61 Child Physical Abuse
Christopher C. Stewart
62 Facial Rashes
Sunitha V. Kaiser And Julie S. O’brien
63 Diffuse Red Rashes
Bethlehem L. Abebe
64 Red Patches And Swellings
Eliza Hayes Bakken And Ellen Laves
65 Linear Red Rashes
Liana K. Mccabe
66 Focal Red Bumps
Ilse A. Larson
67 Raised Red Rashes
Kathleen Cronan And Lee Atkinson-Mcevoy
68 Vesicular Rashes
Darren M. Fiore
69 Nonblanching Rashes
William R. Graessle
70 Scaly Rashes
Esther K. Chung
71 Fine, Bumpy Rashes
Shonul A. Jain
72 Hypopigmented Rashes
Andrew Saunders And Lee R. Atkinson-Mcevoy
73 Hyperpigmented Rashes
Lee R. Atkinson-Mcevoy
74 Bullous Rashes
Beth A. Shortridge



Livro Visual Diagnosis And Treatment In Pediatrics

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