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Livro Flaps and Grafts in Dermatologic Surgery

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Flaps and Grafts in Dermatologic Surgery
Autor: Thomas E. Rohrer MD

ISBN: 0323476627
ISBN13: 9780323476621
Páginas: 0328
Publicação: 2018
Edição: 2 º
Encadernação: Capa Dura

 Achieve optimal results in reconstructive surgery involving flaps and grafts with this up-to-date reference written by leading dermatologic surgeons. Using a systematic approach, Flaps and Grafts in Dermatologic Surgery, Second Edition, by Drs. Thomas E. Rohrer, Jonathan L. Cook, and Andrew J. Kaufman, offers practical, easily accessible guidance in this challenging area, including anatomical considerations, the delicate nature of tissue movement, principles of aesthetic surgical closures, relevant tissue biomechanics, and much more. Covering everything from the basic linear and arciform closures, to the more challenging V-Y advancement flaps, and complex staged interpolation flaps, this text clearly presents not just the "how to do it" but more importantly the thought processes behind the selection and execution of each reconstructive procedure.

Key Features
 Describes which flap or graft to choose in specific clinical situations, how to execute each repair (with a multitude of images and diagrams), and how to minimize the risks as well as manage potential complications.
Provides algorithms to assist with flap and graft choices, as well as hundreds of superb full-color illustrations throughout.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Anatomy 
Introduction • Surface Landmarks and Surface Anatomy • The Aging Face • The Musculoaponeurotic System • Motor Nerves • Sensory Nerves of the Head and Neck • Vascular System • Special Structures: Lip, Eyelids, Nose, Ear
Chapter 2: Basic Principles in Flap Reconstruction
Basic Terminology • Flaps Defined by Blood Supply • Flap Physiology • Flap Biomechanics • Flaps Defined by Movement • Practical Points • Final Thoughts
Chapter 3: Primary Closure
Primary Closure Design and Considerations • 
Modifications or Variations • Applications and Disadvantages
Chapter 4: Advancement Flaps
Flap Design and Considerations • Flap Mobilization and Key Sutures • Flap Modifications and Applications • Disadvantages
Chapter 5: Rotation flaps 
Rotation Flap Design: Basic Principles • Bilateral Rotation Flaps • Special Rotation Flaps • Plane of Flap Elevation and Surgical Undermining • Conclusion
Chapter 6: Island Pedicle Flaps
Closure • Complications
Chapter 7: Transposition Flaps 
Flap Design and Considerations • Rhombic Flaps • Other Transposition Flaps • Complications • Conclusion
Chapter 8: Staged Interpolation Flaps 
Paramedian Forehead Flap (PFF), Stage I • Paramedian Forehead Flap, Stage II • Cheek-to-Nose Interpolation Flap (CNIF) • Cheek-to-Nose Interpolation Flap, Stage II • Abbé (Lip-Switch) Flap • Abbé Flap, Stage II • Conclusion
Chapter 9: Skin Grafts 
Full-Thickness Skin Grafts • Split-Thickness Skin Grafts • Conclusion • Graft Complication
Chapter 10: Scalp Reconstruction
Scalp Surgical Anatomy • Evaluation of the Scalp Defect • Basic Reconstruction Concepts • Second Intention Healing • Primary Closure • Split-Thickness Skin Grafts • Full-Thickness Skin Grafts • Random Pattern Cutaneous Flaps • Conclusion
Chapter 11: Forehead and Temple 
Reconstructive Principles • Complications • Conclusions
Chapter 12: Periocular Reconstruction 
Introduction • Periocular Anatomy • Preparation • Complications • General Principles of Periocular Reconstruction • Methods of Closure • Algorithmic Approach to Reconstruction by Periocular
Chapter 13: Cheek Reconstruction 
Maximum Skin Tension Lines • Surface Anatomy • Skin Texture • Subcutaneous Anatomy • Which Reconstructive Procedure • Flaps by Cheek Region • Complications • Conclusion
Chapter 14: Ear Reconstruction 
Introduction • Ear Aesthetics • Embryology • Topography • General Principles • Skin Grafts • Adjacent Tissue Transfer • Cartilage • Regional Reconstruction • Prosthetics and When to Refer
Chapter 15: Reconstruction of the Nose 
Introduction • Reconstructive Options • Complications • Conclusion
Chapter 16: Perioral Reconstruction 
Introduction • General Principals of Lip Reconstruction • Reconstruction
Chapter 17: The Neck 
Preoperative Considerations • Relevant Anatomy • Reconstructive Options • Regional Pearls • Summary


Livro Flaps and Grafts in Dermatologic Surgery

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