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Livro Aospine Masters Series, Vol 9


Marca: Thieme Modelo: 9781626234536 Disponibilidade: Imediata Referência: 9781626234536

Título do livro: Livro Aospine Masters Series, Volume 9: Pediatric Spinal Deformities, 2017  
ISBN: 9781626234536  
Autor: Marinus de Kleuver, Sigurd Berven, e outros  
Editora: Thieme Medical Publishers/Maple Press  
Ano de publicação: 2017  

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Livro Aospine Masters Series, Volume 9: Pediatric Spinal Deformities
Marinus de Kleuver, Sigurd Berven, e outros

ISBN-13: 9781626234536
Edição: 1ª
Ano: 2017
Idioma: Inglês
Autor: Marinus de Kleuver, Sigurd Berven, e outros
Páginas: 170
Encadernação: Capa Dura
Editora: Thieme Medical Publishers/Maple Press
Dimensões do produto: 18,4 x 1,9 x 25,4 cm
Peso de envio: 794 g


ample information is provided for physicians engaged in spinal care ? a complex field, best provided by multidisciplinary team...The print is excellent, as are the clinical pictures, illustrations (radiographs), and graphs. -- Neuropediatrics

These internationally known spine orthopedic surgeons are supported by a worldwide cast of contributors...This outstanding work is an important contribution to the field and a must for spine surgeons and their trainees. -- Doodys Reviews (starred review)

An estimated 9 million children every year are affected by pediatric spinal deformities, encompassing a broad spectrum of pathologies. New classification systems, innovative imaging modalities, and advances in surgical techniques have contributed to a continually evolving, evidence-based treatment paradigm. Patient variables such as the age of onset, severity, course of deformity progression, as well as the availability of technology pose individualized challenges.

AOSpine Masters Series, Volume 9: Pediatric Spinal Deformity is a concise yet comprehensive review of fundamental surgical and nonsurgical approaches, contemporary issues, and treatment obstacles. Internationally renowned spine surgeons Luis Roberto Vialle, Marinus de Kleuver, and Sigurd Berven and a cadre of esteemed contributors deliver a state-of-the-art reference on deformities of the pediatric spine. From early childhood to adolescent spine disorders, 17 richly illustrated chapters cover diagnosis, preoperative evaluation, imaging, spine surgery interventions, non-fusion procedures, and long-term management.

Key Highlights

Overviews on the classification and natural history of early onset scoliosis and adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, with subsequent chapters covering non-operative management and contemporary surgical techniques
Evidence-based discussion of long-term surgical care outcomes, indications for revision surgery, and strategies for achieving optimal results
Management of congenital and developmental kyphosis, lordosis, syndromic conditions, and low and high grade spondylolisthesis
Clinical pearls on spine surgery in the developing world, safety issues and complications, and the importance of developing outcome metrics
The AOSpine Masters series, a copublication of Thieme and the AOSpine Foundation, addresses current clinical issues featuring international masters sharing their expertise in the core areas in the field. The goal of the series is to contribute to an evolving, dynamic model of evidence-based approach to spine care.

This outstanding textbook is a must have for spine surgeons, in particular those who specialize in treating childhood spine disorders. Orthopaedic and neurosurgery residents, as well as veteran surgeons with extensive knowledge will find this an indispensable tool for daily practice.

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Livro Aospine Masters Series, Vol 9

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  • Título do livro: Livro Aospine Masters Series, Volume 9: Pediatric Spinal Deformities, 2017
  • ISBN: 9781626234536
  • Autor: Marinus de Kleuver, Sigurd Berven, e outros
  • Editora: Thieme Medical Publishers/Maple Press
  • Ano de publicação: 2017